We would like to acknowledge the generous support of the following people and organizations.

Without you, none of this would have been possible!


Thank You To All Of Our Generous Donors:

Alexis Wright, Andrew McLaren, Andrew Young, Angela Bryant, Bria Shantz, Brian Dorscht, Brian Tate, Caitlin Gallichan-Lowe, Caravan Stage Co., Carol Read, Claudette Filion, Colin Burwell, Dave Read, David Lane, Diana Turetsky, Dianne Gilmour, Jeff McConnell, Jessie Reiter, Karen Read, Katharine Blair, Kenzie Parish-Henderson, Laurie Schwartz, Lorraine Davis, Luba Diduch, Mara Gotler, Michael Zawodny, Neil Parfitt, Nichola Loach, Pat Rozitis, Paul DeJong, Paul Woodrow, Pegasus Performances, Ron Reiter, Russel Soares, Sandra Mullins, Sarah Lake, Shawn Vanderburgt, Siobhan Nearey

Special Thanks:

Puppetmongers – David Powell and Ann Powell

Neil Parfitt: Original Music Composition

Mark Diokno and Jonathan Davis: Super Orgorki Poster

Rory O’Shea: Radio Voice Over

Additional Creative Support:

Alice Nelson, David Lane, Emma Slipp, Erin Baskerville, Jonathan J Davis, Juanita Dawn, Nan Balkwill

 Shop Volunteers:

Tobias Contreras, Mary Lou Ditta, Nick DiGetane, Meghan Gallipeau, Nathan Gareau, Teddy Ivanova, Duval Lang, Alice Nelson, Pat Rozitis

Additional Thanks

Ginette Mohr, The Old Trout Puppet Workshop; Nathan Pronyshyn, Layne Fox, Patrick Smith and the staff and technicians of Vertigo Theatre; Kelly Breckenridge, Cherié Davidson and Topline Printing Inc.; Danielle Graham and Ryder System, Inc.; Murray Palmer and the Calgary Opera; Karen Goddard-Hermanson, Andy Fawcett and Alberta Theatre Projects; Fiona Kennedy and One Yellow Rabbit; Anthony Neary and Theatre Junction; Cameron Clowe and Decidedly Jazz Danceworks; Puppetmongers; Paul De Jong; Heather Kent; Tobias Contreras; Cameron Mackenzie; Dave Deveau; Steven Slipp; Paul Woodrow; Julie Boyd; Colin Gary; Eric Rose; Carol Read; Dave Read; Dayna Read; Ron Reiter; Jessica Reiter; Mary Reiter; Dan Reiter; Alexis Wright; Sarah Smalik; Pat Mackie; Patrick Skogman; John & Lorraine Davis; Jasper Davis; Paul Woodrow; Juanita Dawn and Pat Rozitis; The shop dawgs: Chinook, Turtle, Finnigan, and Frank

We gratefully acknowledge the support of the Chalmers Professional Development Grant program administered by the Ontario Arts Council