As a Puppetry Director, I work with actors/puppeteers to bring puppets to life in an engaging, moving and surprising way:

  • I develop and refine puppet movement, animation, and choreography
  • I troubleshoot possible challenges for the puppeteers with puppet design and offer design solutions.
  • I work with puppeteers to develop their physical relationship to the puppet which includes techniques to minimize physical strain on the body of the puppeteer.
  • I work closely with the director of the show to help actor/puppeteer’s develop the puppet character and voice.

Masterful puppet animation is vital to a performance

The puppet is an extension of its operator, who must see through its eyes, hear through its ears, breath and speak through its mouth to bring it to life. This process creates images infused with feeling and tension, used to develop a reciprocal relationship between the puppet and audience. The audience’s investment in the performance becomes more active as they participate in the process of bringing the puppet to life through suspension of disbelief. It places them in closer proximity to the action of the story, engaging them on a visceral and empathetic level, causing the resonance and impact of the experience to be more personal.

Shawna Reiter, Artistic Director of CLUNK Puppet Lab

Puppetry Director Credits:

Puppetry Director, “Nightfeed” (Best of Toronto Fringe, Patron’s Pick Tarragon Extaspace, Outstanding Overall Production Ottawa Fringe Festival) Toronto and Ottawa Fringe 2019

Toronto School of Puppetry Intensive (2019), Guest Puppetry Director

SpringWorks PuppetWorks Mini Festival (2019), “Puppet School”, Guest Puppetry Director

Casteliers Puppetry Festival (2017), “Caliban Deconstructed”, Puppetry Director

Humber College Puppetry Intensive (2014, 2015 2016), Puppetry Director

Springworks (2015), “How I Became Invisible”, Puppetry Director


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