How I Became Invisible

CLUNK Puppet Lab’s 


“How I Became Invisible”


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“How I Became Invisible” is a surreal puppet performance that unearths life, death, and the memories that linger in-between.  What happens when you disappear from everything you hold dear, the people you remember, the place you call home?


Saija, an 81 year old woman struggling with Alzheimer’s, has moved in with her overbearing daughter who lives in a dilapidated apartment complex.


In an attempt to find clarity in an increasingly confusing world, she writes stories for her granddaughter. As her illness progresses, she finds herself lost between reality and fiction, where she encounters a curious group of demented seniors including an obese floating man, a washed up Super Hero, and a woman who has been sitting in her bathtub for so long that she’s turning into a fish.


As she discovers their stories, her mind grapples with the deterioration of old age, where grace becomes fear, and beauty is beleaguered by the desperation that comes with forgetting everything life is lived for.

















The Process…




Meet our amazing team for “How I Became Invisible”

(In Alphabetical Order)

Peter Balkwill

Co-Artistic Director of the Old Trout Puppet Workshop

Director of “How I Became Invisible”


Nan Balkwill

Props Builder


Erin Baskerville

Amazing Intern

Jonathan Davis

Associate Artist

Puppet Builder, Graphic Design, Electronics

Juanita Dawn

Associate Artist

Puppet Builder

Jen Gareau

Costume Design

Sam Hindle

Stage Manager

Anne LaLancette

Puppet and Prop Builder

Norah Lorway

Ambient Sound Design

Neil Parfitt

Associate Artist


Alexandra Prichard

Lighting Design

Kyla Read

Co-Artistic Director of Clunk Puppet Lab

Shawna Reiter

Co-Artistic Director of Clunk Puppet Lab

Emma Slipp


Steve Kenders

Co-Artistic Director of the Old Trout Puppet Workshop

Set Painter



Studio Dog


Studio Dog