Night Feed

Night Feed

a puppet play about motherhood

Co-Created with CLUNK Puppet Lab, Canvas Sky Theatre and Ginette Mohr

As an exhausted new mother nurses in the dark of yet another night, her apartment comes to life; possessions possessed with the demons of fear, self-doubt and anxiety, a chorus of objects and body parts. You know, standard parenting stuff.

Outstanding Overall Production – Ottawa Fring Festival 2019

Best of Fringe – Presented by TO Arts Toronto Fringe Festival

Patron’s Pick Tarragon Extaspace – Toronto Fringe Festival








Universally praised by theatre reviewers in Toronto, Night Feed was featured on every critic’s picks list, including the Toronto Star, NOW Magazine, and Mooney On Theatre.


Debbie Fein-Goldbach of NOW Magazine praised Night Feed as “deeply honest and compelling storytelling”, giving it a rare 5-N review. 


Capital Critics’ Circle hails Night Feed as “a necessary piece of theatre that combats any misconceptions of puppets being only for young audiences. … Kudos to the team behind this
concretely feminist piece of theatre.”